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R.D. Blair & Associates Testimonials

"Well...I have been in a situation of owing IRS taxes for many years, which kept compounding. I tried two different accountants in an OIC (Offer in Compromise) and both advertised that they had years of success, but both were unsuccessful in helping me, and both were paid.


R.D. Blair & Associates were successful with the first attempt.  I owed over 50K and my OIC was accepted for $1,500.00.  I call that success!"

Nisaa Madyun, Los Angeles, CA

"Yes, the ILM Foundation needed assistance to clarify with the IRS the reason we were late filling some returns in the past. The reason we provided was unacceptable resulting in a very expensive penalty from the IRS. It was no way our foundation could afford such a (IRS) fee.

Therefore, we approached R.D. Blair and Associates who assessed the situation and resubmitted a letter to the IRS on the foundation's behalf. Within less than a month, we received a letter in the mail from the IRS clearing us from all fees and past penalties.

It was one of the happiest days of my career and it would not have been possible without the expertise and professionalism of R.D. Blair and Associates."


Naim Shah, Jr., CPA, Los Angeles, CA

"I had been using the same tax preparer for the past six years. She decided to move out of state, but assured me she would still be able to prepare my taxes. It was not until the IRS sent me a notice to garnish my wages that I discovered my taxes had not been correctly submitted in two years.

I was referred to Roderick by a family friend, whom spoke very highly of his work. I was extremely impressed by Roderick. He was very knowledgeable, and was able to prepare and file my amendments the same day we met, getting the IRS to stop the levy of practically my whole check.

He is extremely professional and an expert in tax preparation. I would definitely refer him to all of my friends and family."


Stacey Carter, Los Angeles, CA

"R.D. Blair & Associates is a life saver. I owed the I.R.S. over $65,000. I attempted to handle my problem myself, by corresponding with multiple IRS locations, creating more problems for myself. Deadlines were missed and verification of requested documents were misplaced. I hired R.D. Blair & Associates and they devised plan to settle my debt.

Mr. Blair communicated directly with the necessary and responsible individuals and settled my debt for just $500.00, Yes $500.00. Take Advantage of this favorable climate and stop the worry now!! Call R.D. Blair & Associates and end your IRS Nightmare."

Warren Thomas, Houston, TX

"I would like to take a moment to give thanks & appreciation to R.D. Blair & Associates. My Federal tax debt exceeded $20,000 and after successful negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Blair was able to reduce my debt to $3,400.00.

I'm sure most folks would agree that getting into debt with the IRS can be a very stressful experience but I must say Mr. Blair took a hands on approach with my case. He was very straight forward & honest with me. He walked me through this process with professionalism and extreme confidence that our outcome would be satisfactory.


If you have outstanding tax issues that you need cleared up, I assure you that R.D. Blair & Associates is the right choice. You just can't go wrong with a gentleman of impeccable character."


Joseph Dickson, Buena Park, CA



"Yes, I was in a situation where i would have potentially owed the IRS a large sum of money due to an audit. R.D. Blair & Associates represented me before the IRS and got my liability reduced considerably." "I went to R. D. Blair & Associates owing the IRS tax on monies I had not received. Mr. Blair (Bro. Bilal) worked diligently assuring me he could handle my case. He worked as my agent with confidence and professionalism corresponding in a timely matter.


Julian Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

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